Welcome to The Neoabolitionist!

Drawing on the insights of critical whiteness studies, a field of race theory that interrogates the formation of white culture, the authors of this blog examine cultural products for the ways in which some reproduce and some resist social scripts that privilege whiteness as an unmarked marker of human identity.

In this, The Neoabolitionist heeds the injunction of scholars in the field of whiteness studies to root/route out those mechanisms which render whiteness invisible in the global processes of racial formation–that is, the process by which race is constructed and deployed as a marker of human difference–and which reinscribe the hidden logics of white supremacy, securing the socioeconomic privileges that whites enjoy over and against the non-white other.

Understood as a socially constructed category of identity positioned as dominant within a set of hierarchical relations that place the white, heterosexual, cis-gendered (i.e. one who identifies with the sex he was assigned at birth), property-owning male at the top of the socioeconomic ladder, whiteness functions in particularly racist ways that often go unmarked in our daily lives.

In light of this actuality, the authors of The Neoabolitionist aim to make whiteness visible, map its salience in religious discourse and cultural production, and, in so doing, abolish dominant society’s enslavement to the unexamined racism of white cultural practice with the aim of rearticulating whiteness as antiracist–that is, of redefining the terms and conditions by which whiteness operates so as to implicate whiteness in a politics of antiracism.

Part of reworking, which is to say “abolishing”, the logics of whiteness entails holding it under the harsh light of scrutiny that The Neobolitionist offers as a space in which to practice a politics of whiteness oriented toward dismantling the discourses of present hierarchies and leveling the cultural playing field so that the silenced narratives of the racially oppressed might become a compass by which to remap and reorient our collective understanding of history. This with the objective of creating a contextual framework for seeing the world through the lens of the earth’s “wretched” and thus providing an intellectual foundation for social reform that reflects the worldview of society’s most disenfranchised.

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