7 Witch Sightings in Contemporary White Cultural Production

As Ruth Frankenburg makes clear in “The Social Construction of Whiteness: White Women, Race Matters,” whiteness is not empty of content.[1] I share the following resources as a means of highlighting some of the content of white cultural production that has roots in precolonial European cultures through the archetype of the witch. These pieces were created […]

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Anachronistic Political Strategy: Korean History Textbook Correction, An Unlaughable Comedy

I had a chance to catch up with a very good friend recently and one issue triggered our friendly conversation into a serious one when I brought up news of Korean government’s dealing on Korean history textbooks for middle/high schools. The Korean Presidential Residence, Cheongwadae (which translates to Blue House) and the right-wing conservatives are […]

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There are tons of videos and articles out now about racist costumes. Between appropriation, outright blackface (or yellowface or redface), playing on stereotypes and assumptions, and/or just being clueless I think this time of year actually allows for some very nuanced conversations about racism and appropriation. I thought I would show some of my favorites […]

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I have been thinking about the concept of “non-opposition”.  Almost all forms of Buddhism have some instruction about not living in opposition to the world.  How does this really work when there are so many things that are just not okay.  Oppression is real. The murder of black and brown people by police is real. […]

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This “S**t” is Real

It is very easy to put the entire conversation about race in air quotes. “Segregation,” “the Klan,” “Prison Industrial Complex,” and even now “Ferguson” are reference points for most people who discuss them and not real and tangible parts of their world. This is one of the most powerful manifestations of the Possessive Investment in Whiteness […]

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Cruel Transformation

I run with young adults and colleges students at my ministerial site where 1st Korean immigrants and students studying abroad gather. Many of students at my church come from South Korea and they are mostly privileged. Often times many of them return to their homes during the summer and they spend their long summer in […]

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And away we go…

When I consider how I operate in the world there are two predominant styles that arise. First I consider myself to be a pragmatist. That is to say, that I am concerned not with some intellectual understanding of something, not some egghead view, but how do these things we in the academy think about play […]

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